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Corner brick porch on a new home

July 12, 2023

Home Builder Photography For the Website

A key element in nearly all websites is photography. Photographs expand on the communication of a website tremendously. And the quality of the photographs can have a positive impact on the website.

Take Photos in Cloudy Conditions

Too often people take photographs in the sun light and don’t realize the problem that causes with the shadows. The best time for a home builder to take a photo for a website is when there are now shadows in the target area.

Take Several Photographs

In this day of digital photography, the cost of taking extra photographs is little more than the cost of the time involved in them. And that time consists of a few extra clicks and a few extra look overs when determining what to use. None of us take a perfect image every time. So it will pay to take a few images from each target angle and have them to choose the best from.

It also pays to take more photographs from more angles and more positions. This gives the website designer a range of images to choose from for the website.

Keep A Stock Of Images

Images are a good asset to have for your website and blog posts. Once you take several images, screen them and trash those that are poor quailty and then keep the quality stock where you can get to it easily. Too often website designers want to add pages to a website but don’t have quality images to put where then need them. A good stock of images can avoid this problem.

Exterior Images, Interior Images, Images Of The Area

Exterior images say a lot about a home. They need to be taken in good light conditions from different angles. And that tells a lot about a home. But people want to see the interior just as much, if not more. With today’s technology that is available in most smart phones, a quality interior photograph is fairly easy to aquire.

Another subject that should fit into a home builders website is information about the area surrounding the home for sale. Noted establishments in the local area can help the website visitor develop some attraction for the new home.

Pictures Are Valuable

Take note of photos on other websites and compare them to yours. Learn what will work for your website.

New Home Breezeway

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