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What To Build

Ideas For Home Builders Website

Creating the ideas for home builders websites is something that we have a lot of experience in. The first thing we help a home builder do is determine what they want their website to do. It can be used to introduce a business to website visitors, it can be used to display work that has been done, it can be used to show homes for sale. There is no limit to what can be presented.

Each site we design for each home builder is unique and created with their market in mind.

Site Layout

Determine The Pages For The Site

Once you have determined what you want your website to do, it is time to determine the pages you need on the website to do it. Some sites will just present their company with a couple of pages, like a home page that tells what the home builder does and a page presenting the business with history information.

More sophisticated sites can present everything from homes to sell to development maps to neighborhood information. The possibilities are endless.

Ideas for a home builders website typically grow over time and the home builders website can grow as well. Once we have completed your website we are available to manage it for you.

House plan
Example of web page content

Page Design

The Look Of The Website

Our professional designer will create a look for your home builder website and then they will present it to you. They will start with any items you already use in your business’s marketing. Things like your company logo, business colors and other items unique to your home builders business will be incorporated into your page design.

You will be asked to suggest changes that you would like to make on the look of the site.

Pictures, Text and More

Creating Content For Your Website

Once we have determined the pages to put on your website, we will create each individual page. Pictures, text, charts, buttons and other items are used to communicate messages for the page.


A picture is a key tool for a home builder. It can communicate a message better than thousands of words can in most cases. Pictures of your work sites, pictures of your staff and pictures of your finished new home can communicate valuable messages.


 Our writers will help you determine what text to use on your website and how to lay it our. Primary messages will be kept short and sweet. More extensive messages will be carefully written out and placed on the site.


Our designers can create custom graphics that will be effective on your website.


Buttons, or links, will be laid our strategically on your home builders website to help visitors get to the information they are looking for. This can help satisfy the site visitors needs and can lead to them contacting the home builder.


Home on the golf course

Presenting Features, Advantages and Benefits of Working With Your Business

A key message that any builder want to communicate with their site visitors is a reason to choose them as their builder.

In most cases a website’s primary mission is to create a contact through a phone call or an email message. From that point the builder picks up the ball and makes the final sale.

Custom websites for home builders display beautiful brick homes like this one.

My website has expanded my other marketing. I put my web address on everything, even my calling card. That answers a lot of questions for a lot of people.

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